1. Tag Sections - a Section containing a Dynamic list by Tag Query

  2. Search/Filter using data-tags (like data-tag="to-do")

  3. Store hidden data in pages  ·  Completed

  4. Support local notebook storage. Many companies can't save sensative data in the cloud due to government contract legal requirements!

  5. Task management is missing, either it should link to outlook tasks or create a to do list for the responsible person.

  6. API's to allow OneNote to be used as a central data store for apps on multiple platforms  ·  Completed

  7. Custom data attributes (data-custom-*) per element

  8. Data to be stored in external sd card . As usually internal memory is very less.

  9. Add "Responsible person" for task category

  10. Get rid of your ********* "some connected experiences aren't available." Maybe I don't want you intruding on my data? Yes, I want privacy!!

  11. Enable move to SD card

  12. Please provide the importer tool for Evernote for Mac. Will definitely move if you provide.  ·  Gathering feedback

  13. More full search window that shows context of query

  14. Provide the ability to give Ownership to someone else

  15. Please add table functionality (insert row/column) in mobile phones

  16. Notifications for updates on collaborative or shared documents

  17. Enable OneNote API for data storage on Phone, health vault, box, and other HIPAA compliant data storage options


  19. Create automatic table of contents for any given page

  20. mobile data

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