1. on forms i need to save or download student individual responses and have it in their notebook for student and parent to see.

  2. High mobile data consumption of mobile OneNote

  3. join onenote class via code, instead of very tedious data entry by teacher

  4. add custom columns/meta data to onenote in sharepoint

  5. Task management is missing, either it should link to outlook tasks or create a to do list for the responsible person.

  6. Allow OneNote search for IP address and other network, technical, security data

  7. Data to be stored in external sd card . As usually internal memory is very less.

  8. One Note needs a on off switch soo I can limit my wifi data steaming usage..

  9. Make it visually clear which account (personal or business) is used for a notebook and where the actual data is stored.

  10. Draw Shapes like PowerPoint, do Math, Data and Graphs like Excel

  11. Apple Evernote does a much better job for me going through documents

  12. Need ability to disconnect from cloud and self-host for control over confidential data

  13. An option to have the box that surrounds data on a page either ALWAYS visible or NEVER visible or visible upon highlighting [ POINTING ].

  14. Mirroring data over 2 sections in OneNote

  15. it would be great to have a feature which shows usage data. For example how many times they visited a certain section, page or link.

  16. Hotkey(Cmd+Opt+F) behavior of search under 'Enable experimental features'

  17. Support local notebook storage. Many companies can't save sensative data in the cloud due to government contract legal requirements!

  18. Make iPhone/mobile app responsive

  19. Email link so that Todo Lists can show followup and take you to the e-mail

  20. API bug of Input HTML when creating new pages with non-contributing default div

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