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Option to merge cells in tables

Would it be possible for this option to be implemented?
Currently, the complexity of tables that can be created in OneNote is significantly impaired due to the lack of this option. Tables (E.G. from Microsoft Word) that contain merged cells won't even retain these merged cells if 'copy-and-pasted' into OneNote - the cells will become separated.
I use OneNote to take notes in lessons. If I am required to make a table that has merged cells, I can't do so. Instead, I have to figure out a way to convey the information in the table effectively without using merged cells. This can take a lot of time and often means that it takes significantly longer for me to complete such tasks than it does for everyone else in the room.

It would be sincerely appreciated by many OneNote users if this option could be added.

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  • Ronald Sang commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hey! I got stuck with the same problem too, am used to merging cells to improve the design of my tables,

    Now, i have no option bit to work with the fixed cells but my output will always look incomplete.

    But for now, i can work with the linking option

  • Mr Barnes commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I often want to be able to edit table in the same way that I would in excel
    The table management tools are clunky, but getting better slowly in the windows 10 App

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