How can we improve OneNote for Windows?

Include OneNote for Desktop in Office 2019

I really like the desktop lay-out with notebooks on the left, sections on top and pages on the right. I tried the UWP version, and while perfectly suited for use on a tablet (with a reduced number of - bigger - buttons), I feel it misses too many features to replace the desktop version.

So please include OneNote in the new Office 2019 suite!

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    Gathering feedback  ·  AdminOneNote Team (Admin, OneNote Team) responded  · 

    OneNote for Windows 10 will come with Office 2019 and Office 365 by default, although users will still be able to install OneNote 2016 if they need it.

    Over the last few years we’ve been focused on making OneNote for Windows 10 the best version of OneNote on Windows. Beginning with the launch of Office 2019 later this year, OneNote for Windows 10 will replace OneNote 2016 as the default OneNote experience for both Office 365 and Office 2019. If you currently use OneNote 2016, you won’t notice any changes when you update to Office 2019. We’ll continue to offer support, bug fixes, and security updates for OneNote 2016 for the duration of the Office 2016 support lifecycle, which runs through October 2020 for mainstream support and October 2025 for extended support

    Coming soon to OneNote for Windows 10:
    • Insert and search for tags
    • Live previews of Office files in OneNote
    • Improved sync

    To read the announcement in its entirety, use this link

    Please continue to post and vote for features that you see missing or an existing experience that could be improved. We do read these.


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      • Carolyn Gaither commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Don't Do It!!!!

        I've spent years preaching the power of OneNote, getting a wide variety of co-workers onboard with the amazing functionality of the program in its "real" version, Office 2003-2016.

        If you use a non-tablet computer, the functionality is great. On a tablet or phone, you assume the program will have more limited features, like the Win10 app.

        I've used the app on my phone and a tablet and it's ok for what little I do there. Quick notes, circling things, etc. But it's not the real OneNote we've grown to love.

        Keep/upgrade the 2016 when you go to 2019. Keep the app. Let the user decide which to use where.

        Getting rid of the desktop OneNote in the 2019 would be reason enough for me (and many others) not to consider upgrading to 2019.

      • Jean Doucet commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        I love my Surface Pro 4. Onenote is one of the software I use and find very helpful. That is because my files are store locally. I have no interest for the cloud. If I am not able to store my files off the cloud, I will sell my surface and move to Linux (which I already have on other computers).

      • Sam Grant commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Yeah, OneNote is my favourite software, in constant use. The desktop version. Like many of these others I use OneTastic macros, which the UWP version doesn't support. The UWP version is great on my phone, but it is straight up inadequate for desktop usage, with a focus on being touch friendly, rather than mouse-keyboard appropriate. Please don't do this.

      • Alex commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Well, my problem is, if I can't store the files locally, i am not allowed to use it anymore. By no way I can store the files cloud-based - that's a policy.
        And for my private use cases - I just love the interface of Onenote - and really hate the new layout on the mac. I already moved on my macbook to evernote, even I didn't like it too much, but since you made OneNote worse than evernote...that was my choice.
        Changing the interface and the ability to store files where I am allowed to will force me to change the way I work. And since I got used to microsoft bringing out software that's neat and nice, then starting to destroy it step by step until it's suddenly discontinued...I'm starting do distrust the continuity of this company...and am aware of, that investing into MS solutions brings more and more risks. The company I work for already started to let go a lot of MS solutions, changing slowly our workflow. You should start thinking of that. I once lost MS-Project on the mac, since MS suddenly discontinued OneNote loses a must-have and got - at least on IOS and Mac a creepy interface...looks like Windows walks that way too. I'm really sorry, will miss this piece of software.

      • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Well if you kill the Desktop app, I will return my Surface and move back to iPad Pro. I will not use the slower, inferior UWP app. Period. End of discussion. Keep taking such decisions and you will lose half of the OneNote user base. EverNote also exists as do hundreds of other rich desktop apps that do not use UWP.

      • Aaron commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Dropping the desktop version of OneNote is a huge mistake. The UWP version is NOT full featured, and enterprises that have come to rely on it being a part of Office 2016 will have an extremely difficult time migrating over. Not to mention places that block the Windows Store/UWP apps because they don't want Microsoft's garbage or Office365 all over their environment.

      • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        I went to the Volume Licensing portal and couldn't even see a standalone OneNote 2016 download. Is the only way corporate users can keep this when they upgrade to Office 2019 via installing the Office 2016 suite and only selecting OneNote?

      • Corrine commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        OneNote Team:

        It actually was the announcement that prompted me to try working with OneNote for Windows 10 again. When working on a laptop or desktop, the experience is frustrating if your life "revolves around OneNote". Long-tine, dedicated OneNote users tend to have a lot of notebooks broken into sections with many pages. With that in mind, all the extra mouse clicks/taps needed when working on a page to go to another section/page is a loss of productivity.

        I 💖 OneNote and am sad that without better/easier/simpler navigation in the OneNote UWP, I'll miss out on the new features.

      • Michael B. Smith commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        It's been made very clear that the majority of users want, at a minimum: local storage of files. Why don't you respond to that directly?

        Secondly, also the majority of users want an efficient interface on the desktop. The tablet/phone interface is not efficient on the desktop. Why don't you respond to that directly?

      • Edwin Saga commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        i use that app every day. msft is abandoning win32 apps. should i just go ahead and get a mac?

      • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        I really like the desktop lay-out with notebooks on the left, sections on top and pages on the right. I tried the UWP version, and while perfectly suited for use on a tablet (with a reduced number of - bigger - buttons), I feel it misses too many features to replace the desktop version.

      • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        I'm a big fan of OneNote 2016 and I'm using it extensively for my personal notes and also within our team at work. My team and I use it together with Microsoft Teams to communicate with each other and stay up to date.
        Please Microsoft, don't destroy the best app in Office! It's the single most used app on my computer (besides Outlook) for organizing myself based on GTD. This would break my workflow and I don't think that any other notes app out there is nearly as good as OneNote!

      • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        We basically run our consulting business on OneNote 2016. We leverage OneTastic macros, custom pages, etc. Unless it has 100% parity if this goes ahead as planned, we’ll be in the hurt locker. The UWP app is fine when I’m using my finger or stylus, but otherwise it’s a non-starter functionality-wise.

      • Snowden Cole commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Dedicated OneNote desktop user. I don't like the (former) Win8 app experience (occacionally wiil use it when I'm using a pen on my surface book -- which is rare). Love the desktop sizes nicely and feels right. It's probably the single most used app on my entire PC -- including Outlook. Please don't get rid of it.

      • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        MS has built a lot of good stuff over the years and this is one of them. Don't try to break something that doesn't need fixing!!

        Keep OneNote the same as the version in Office. Axe the Windows version.


      • Florent Dufils commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Huge improvements to have if you want us to update to Office 2019 with no OneNote for Desktop !
        Even copy/pasting complex pages from word give bad results in UWP app..., the responsivness of the interface feels not good, ribbon is just a joke and the interface is just for tactile (RMB menu in a page just gives nothing interesting.)
        It's like Office 2019 = Loss in productivity = Stay in 2016

      • Phil Barclay commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Sad to hear, we use OneNote daily in our department on a network share as part of our project management. I do not care for the metro apps myself and do not use them, may have to check into Evernote if they drop the desktop version.

        I also have a personal subscription for O365 because of OneNote, guess I will not need that anymore and can switch to Libre Office and save some $$.

      • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        I have been a OneNote user since it released. I will have to use anything else out there if the only version of OneNote is the Windows app version and not the desktop version. Using the Windows app version is just as featureless as the web version. Please don't kill my OneNote desktop app, please!!!

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