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[BUG] OneNote for Android auto-scrolls to top after touch-input on slide past #40 (printed page)

Device 1:
Nvidia Shield Tablet
Android 5.0.1 Stock
Device 2:
Android 4.4.2 custom ROM
I'm having a strange issue with my OneNote pages. Normally, I use my finger to tap in order to bring up the cursor to start inputting text. However, I have noticed that on any page consisting of multiple slides imported from powerpoint presentations, it will not let me tap to input text after the 39th page. When I tap an area beyond some invisible horizontal threshold occurring around the 39th slide, it automatically places the cursor at the top of the entire page. This bug has been demonstrated on two separate android devices, and does not occur on the windows desktop version of OneNote 2013.
Steps to replicate:
1. Created a new notebook on PC version, saved to OneDrive
2. Created a new powerpoint consisting of 45 numbered slides (blank besides a number)
3. In default "New Section 1", I inserted the test powerpoint printout using the "File Printout" option under the "Insert" menu
4. Shift + F9 to sync to OneDrive
5. On either device, scrolled down to slide 39 and tapped on the slide.
6. Tapping on slide 39 itself allows text input on it
7. Tapping on slide 40 causes the cursor to appear at the top of the page, (above slide 1).

I also have links to video files I took of demonstrating the bug. I linked them in the community post.

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    Yeah, this needs to be fixed. I almost stopped using OneNote on my phone. I switched devices until I hit it on the Windows Modern app too on 8.1. Then I changed my workflow so I'd edit the top of my pages.

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